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Blueberry Extract

Blueberry is a bluish-purple black fruit predominantly known as bilberry in North America. The perennial flowering plant with scientific name Vaccinium is part of health family due to its optimum benefits to endow to people. Blueberry has been recognized as beneficial to human health since Ancient times as it has proven effective in promoting healthy body condition.
Blueberry extract is packed with the richest source of antioxidants including ethnobotanic and medicinal heritage. It is composed mainly of chemical compounds that work well in curing various diseases. The potency of blueberry has been studied by science as outstanding in healing illnesses such as mental-related, cardiovascular, cognitive-motor deficiency and inflammation. But blueberry is widely famous of its ability in providing good visual effect.
The extract of blueberry can be in a form of capsule / tablet, dried herbs or concentrate / liquid and each containing excellent nutritional values for people’s wellness. Dried herbs blueberry is often use to make an herbal tea by pouring boiling water into dried whole berries for 5 minutes while a capsule form has an exact dosage for a certain ailments but an intake of 80-160 mg two to three times a day is safe and proper unless additional dose is prescribed by physicians. This too can be used as additive to food. Blueberry juice holds a powerful antioxidant substances that make the fruit popular at this time.

Will anyone now consider eating blueberry? This indigo-colored fruit can also be taken fresh aside from the extract consumption. Study shows that the dye extracted from blueberry skin has the most valuable nutrient that people need to know. Based on scientific research, blueberry extract owns the highest percentage of anthocyanidins to a count of 25 making it the most potent herbal supplement in the market. This is a must to be included in our dietary program. Much more, the extract has seen high content of tannins which play as astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Blueberry is a well-known herbal remedy decades ago. It is a native of North America from a family of prostrate shrubs carrying a size of 10 cm to 4 meters tall which is categorized  into low or high bush blueberries. The leaves are evergreen or deciduous in color with bell-shape flower in white, pale, pink, red or rarely in greenish shade. Ripened berry fruit is dark blue with a sweet taste and has variable acidity.

The extract from the fruit is composed of antioxidant phytochemicals called flavonoids which secrete powerful properties in boosting out harmful toxins from the body known to be as free radicals and a leading cause to disease development. Other beneficial elements present are anthocyanosides for blood flow improvement and tannins as anti-inflammatory agent. However, people who are diabetic or hypoglycemic should need to consult a doctor first to avoid unnecessary side effects.

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Blueberry is a miracle and wonderful fruit that is a need to be included in our food web. It contains all essential nutrients in preventing or treating eye-visual problems, mental disorders, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and cardiovascular diseases.